Our bodies are like ecosystems – they strive towards balance.

Dead Sea minerals and desert plant oils –
natural harmony that helps skin retain its moisture


Dead Sea minerals –
are not just salt

Although they look just like regular salt,
Dead Sea salts incorporate a different,
more varied blend of minerals than ocean
salt (table salt).
While common salt is 85% Sodium
Chloride (NaCl), Dead Sea salts are only
30% – the rest is a blend of Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Magnesium Chloride.

Undercover anti-wrinkling agents

Blended correctly, Dead Sea minerals can perform wonders: they are proven to help our skin cells better perform crucial naturalfunctions such as metabolism, self-healing and free-radical scavenging activity.Most amazing of all is their ability tohelp the skin retain its natural moisture -and keep it softer, replenished, and looking young.

Dead Sea minerals and desert plant oils are brilliant partners – they work in synergy and enhance each other’s actions.
The powerful oils protect and nourish the epidermis with moisturizers and strong antioxidants, while the healthy minerals hold them in, retain the skin’s natural hydration, and boost its own anti-aging mechanisms.

REVIVAL’s approach to beautiful skin is to create formulations that preserve skin’s natural moisturizers and nutrients, which fight premature aging and “retain youth”.

Uncanny desert dwellers

Remarkable for their ability to survive
on very little water, desert plants have
developed unique moisture-retaining properties.
These incredible rejuvenating oils have been used for centuries by desert tribes to protect their skin from harsh conditions and premature aging.

Ultra antioxidant power

Argan, pomegranate seed and jojoba oils are loaded with essential vitamins and powerful antioxidants. These help nourish the epidermis with valuable nutrients and moisturizers – fighting premature aging and skin inflammations.
REVIVAL uses advanced methods to blend these highly powerful antioxidants, helping the skin look smoother and more evenly-toned