About Us

The story of REVIVAL begins over two thousand years ago, when people seeking spiritual and physical renewal began dwelling on the shores of the Dead Sea and in the Qumran region.

Over the centuries, the ancients came to understand that the healing powers of the Dead Sea’s waters were found in its minerals. These mineral remedies were supplemented by the desert’s plant life, whose natural oils were known to keep the skin healthy and young. Situated in the Judean Desert on the shores of the Dead Sea, REVIVAL continues this tradition, combining ancient local know-how with modern cosmetic technologies.

REVIVAL skincare is inspired by the harmony found in the natural environment of the Qumran region: Dead Sea minerals and desert plant oils. Together, these two complementary elements form the synergizing basis of the REVIVAL line of skincare products. Capitalizing on this fusion, our advanced formulations help skin cells better perform their natural functions and retain the moisture that retains youth.

REVIVAL. Ancient wisdom and natural wellness, enhanced to cosmetic perfection.